Scallop Hands Free!

With Hands Free Scalloping bag

hands free scalloping bag

Hands Free Scalloping Bag – Let’s face it, snorkeling and diving is FUN! Having to hold a collection bag while trying to swim, or have one become tangled in your legs is … NOT.

Introducing: Rasca, the recreation and sports collection apron. Rasca eliminates the frustrations of dealing with traditional collection bags.



Forget …

* having to hold your dive bag while swimming!

* your dive bag getting tangled in your legs!

* fumbling with a drawstring while underwater!

* difficulties getting your treasures out of the bag!

* buying 2, 3 or even FOUR bags per year!

Rasca is worn like an apron; and, has the convenience of TWO zippers instead of one drawstring. One zipper for collecting, the other zipper for depositing your collection. Rasca has a mesh front to allow water to flow through and a solid fabric back that protects you from your catch.

When you are finished scalloping,  you can even use your Rasca store your gear!

Swim with freedom




Rasca Basic –  has a light weight, 210D polyester backing. This version is ideal for recreational snorkelers The Rasca Basic bag also has an adjustable neck strap. $24.99

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