Scallop season in Florida is from July 1st to September 25th.

After a particularly stressful year, I can’t wait for scallop season 2013! Nothing can beat the escape and adventure that scallop hunting provides. There is something about snorkeling in the calm beautiful Gulf that relaxes, regenerates and revitalizes.

I can leave my everyday routine and immerse myself in a peaceful world where sea grass, seahorses, fish, crab and scallops reside.  Excitement builds as I spot a scallop and dive to capture it.  As I drift along and try to spot another, I pass schools of fish, spot a stone crap hole, and watch the sea grass bend with the tide.

I have found my “happy place” and can’t wait to return.

If you plan on participating in scallop season 2013, make sure you make your plans early as hotels and scallop charters fill up quickly during these months